Fairhope Tax Planning

Plan Now to Reduce Your Tax Burden

Fairhope Tax Planning – Maximize your after-tax income with the assistance of the experts from Barranco & Associates. We know it takes planning to reduce your tax liability, and with our extensive financial and tax knowledge, we can recommend tax-saving strategies to ultimately help you achieve your business goals. Our team makes an ongoing commitment to further our education and understanding of current tax laws and new regulations so we can assist you in minimizing your taxes throughout the year, not just at year end.

Some of the tax saving strategies we advise include reducing taxes on your income, your estate, your gifts, your investments and your retirement distributions—all so you and your family can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Just a few of the tax planning strategies we use are:

  • Dividing income among family members or legal entities so it is taxed in a lower bracket.
  • Moving income or expenses to another year so it will be taxed at a lower rate.
  • Deferring tax liabilities through pension plans, contributions and the like.
  • Identifying tax deductions to structure your money to pay for assets, such as a vacation home.

To learn more about these and other legitimate tax saving strategies, contact the tax professionals at Barranco & Associates today. Remember, we work for you, not the IRS!

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